Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a technique used to treat trigger point and myofascial pain. Our clinic combines the pain relieving effectiveness of Acupuncture with Dry Needling to help with stubborn acute and chronic pain

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Focusing on trigger points

Acupuncture treats musculoskeletal pain but also treats the underlying causes contributing to the pain. Dry needling treats muscle tissue with the goal of reducing pain, inactivating trigger points and improving movement. Dry needling specifically targets pain patterns, posture and faulty movement patterns.

During this treatment, Nancy Sencil, L.Ac. inserts needles through your skin to treat underlying myofascial trigger points. In the word myofascial, “myo” means muscle. Fascia is the thin, white connective tissue wrapped around your muscles.

Trigger points are ropey, sore areas that develop in your muscles. These trigger points are hypersensitive and can be painful when touched. Sometimes, a trigger point may be near the location of your pain. But they’re also often the cause of referred pain. Referred pain is pain that affects another part of your body.

When dry needling is applied to your muscles and tissues, it can decrease tightness, increase blood flow and reduce local and referred pain.

During the initial consultation, Nancy will evaluate your symptoms to determine if dry needling is an appropriate treatment modality for you.