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Community Acupuncture

Nancy Sencil started the first community acupuncture clinic in Athens.  Since its inception in 2009, hundreds of patients have benefited from treatments in the community clinic. Nancy and Drew provide acupuncture in a group setting keeping the cost affordable especially when frequent follow up visits are needed to resolve a medical issue.  The treatment fee is based on a sliding scale ranging from $25 to $50. There is an additional $10 charge (initial visit only) for the confidential review of symptoms and medical history.  

What To Expect:

A quiet room where patients are resting while soft, relaxing music plays in the background.  All private information is kept confidential and whispering is encouraged so that others are not disturbed.  Often, people fall asleep once the needles are in!

Wearing loose fitting clothes is recommended so that needles can be placed on forearms or lower legs if needed.  At times, needles are placed in the ear, head or neck.

Treatments usually last for 45 to 60 minutes.  Patients sometimes bring in, pillows, small blankets, and MP3 players to listen to their own music.








Community Acupuncture -

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