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                    Medical Essential Oil Therapy

Herbal Essential Oil Therapy -

  Essential Oils are a potent form of herbal Chinese medicine which can be applied   topically or combined with acupuncture treatment. Our essential oil formulas are custom blends made with your particular needs as a guide. We use high quality organic plant oils which are from reputable companies in California and Maine.  

  After a Chinese medical evaluation (similar to an acupuncture consult) a formula is developed to address your symptoms.

  Essential oils are helpful for skin conditions, allergy and sinus problems, fertility issues (both men and women,) anxiety and depression. Joint and muscle pain are also treated with essential oils.

  In 2001 Nancy Sencil trained in Chinese Medical aromatherapy or essential oil herbal medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, one of the leading experts in the USA. 

Herbal Essential Oil Therapy -

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