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Massage Therapy

We are proud to have Amy Abrahamsen practicing therapeutic massage at 5 Points Acupuncture. Please see her bio for a more detailed description of her style and modalities offered. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Swedish- A full body routine designed for relaxation and increased flexibility.

Deep Tissue- Focuses on deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue for long-lasting pain relief and relaxation.

Neuromuscular Therapy- Focuses on neurological reflex mechanisms to correct soft tissue dysfunction. Good for injuries, spasms, decreased range of motion, etc. This is considered a deep tissue massage, although the routines can be performed using light pressure. Please book according to your pressure preference.

Prenatal- A soothing and stress reducing massage for the mother to be. This is not a deep tissue massage.

Lomi Lomi- A Hawaiian style of massage emphasizing long, continuous, flowing movements for a gentle, yet deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience. Not generally a deep tissue modality, but pressure can be increased. Please book according to your pressure preference. 

Hot Stones: A massage style utilizing heated volcanic stones to penetrate deep into the muscles for an exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic experience.*

Shiatsu- A Japanese therapy involving pressing acupoints to adjust the body's physical structure and balance its energy flow. It is deeply relaxing and can help alleviate stress and maintain health and wellness. This is usually a deep tissue modality, but can be done with light pressure. Please book according to your pressure preference.

Ashiatsu- A Japanese therapy using bare feet to achieve a much deeper therapeutic effect than traditional Shiatsu. * This is a deep tissue massage.

*These are stand alone services and must be specifically requested.


Massage Therapy -

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