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In addition to offering custom formulations of herbal medicine and essential oils, we also have a line of products made in-house to support healing for a variety of conditions.  Currently these are only available at our office location, but soon they will be available through local retailers and our online store! 


San Huang San                                                            25g - $8.00

This is a traditional Chinese Herbal formula favored by martial artists and athletes for centuries.  Ideal for sprains, strains, and muscle pulls, this blend is designed to reduce swelling and inflammation in acute injuries while invigorating local circulation to help speed the healing process.  It is an excellent alternative to ice, which, while effective at reducing swelling, can constrict blood flow and congeal fluids, slowing the body's healing process.  Ice also tends to make tendons and ligaments stiff, which increases the chance for re-injury.  San Huang San is a blend of powdered herbs that you mix with water to make a plaster which is applied to the affected area.  A must-have for your first-aid kit.

Cooling Jiao                                                     1oz. - $8.00

This formula is ideal for injuries in the acute to post-acute stage.  It is based on a traditional formula called dit da jiao which has been used for centuries by martial artists to recover more quickly from training injuries.  It contains a balance of warming and cooling herbs to invigorate circulation and clear out any remaining inflammation.  It is ideal to use in the first 1-2 weeks of recovery from sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and bruising.  Trauma Liniment is an alcohol-based topical formula that is gently massaged into the affected area.

Warming Jiao                                                   1oz. - $8.00

This formula is designed for post-acute injuries, chronic pain, and old injuries where there are no signs of inflammation (redness, heat, swelling.)  A variation of dit da jiao, it contains warming herbs that invigorate local circulation and nourish tendons and ligaments.  It is ideal for stiff joints and pain that are improved by heat and worsen in cold, damp conditions.  Warming Liniment is an alcohol-based  topical formula that is gently massaged into the affected area.

 Herbal Foot Soak                                                             $10.00

Our Herbal Foot Soak formula is designed to relax and nourish tendons and ligaments, reduce swelling in the joints, and invigorate local circulation.  It supports the body's recovery from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammertoes.  Our Herbal Foot Soak blend is brewed with water for a foot bath.  Each batch is sufficient for a 7 day treatment course.

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