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Marvin is Marvelous! 10/5/2015

Lisa M. says: I am a 20 year veteran of getting massage. But without one doubt in my mind, Marvin is the best ! He is simply not a person with a massage certification under his belt, but has a degree in kinesiology. he understand the body better than anyone who has ever worked on me. Not only does he provide physical relief to my problems, but he takes the time to educate me on certain exercises and stretches that I can do at home to help prevent my problems from recurring. Outstanding individual!!!!!!!! Thank you, Marvin

Awesome Experience 08/23/2015

New Client G. says: My first visit with Nancy was amazing. She was so thorough in our consultation discussion - what a terrific listener! The environment is very relaxing and her style of interaction is very calming. Perhaps the biggest surprise was how peaceful I felt afterwards. This is coming from someone who has had a lot of massages over the years... but acupuncture truly had an even more dramatic effect. After the session, I made sure to really rest my body for the remainder of the day and the next morning I woke up after sleeping more soundly than ever before. Wonderful treatment and people - I will definitely go back soon!

Excellent Experience 08/11/2015

Beverly S. says: This was my first ever acupuncture visit and I was thoroughly impressed with Nancy. She asked questions, welcomed questions, and explained everything completely. I was also impressed with the first time visit results on my neck and shoulder pain! I will definitely be back.


Chris t. says: I have been seeing Nancy for several months now and no matter what my problems are (lack of energy, back pain, bloated) a session with her always leaves me feeling better, lighter, more calm, and happier. She has this wonderful calming energy and presence about her, that Just talking to her puts me to ease. I highly recommend this place.

Inner Harmony 8/06/2015

Kathy S. says: Nancy's kind and welcoming presence adds to the beneficial effects of the treatment. I walk out afterwards feeling lighter, peaceful, and happy. I can't wait till the next visit to this place of serenity.

Incredible Healing is Happening Here 7/19/2015

Hopr H. says: Community acupuncture is such a generous thing, and my move from San Francisco was bittersweet due to leaving this behind. Soon, though, I found Nancy here. Wow! She has a background in art, which I was immediately drawn to, and she studied with the best teacher on the east coast. She is open to possibility, mindful, intuitive, and gracious. I've grown as a person with her help, and tackled my anxiety and depression with grace. We are so lucky to have her in Athens.

Easy 7/19/2015

Rick J. says: This was my first acupuncture treatment so I really did not know what to expect. Drew was very patient and extremely professional. Would recommend to those suffering from occasional aches and pains.

Wow! 7/17/2015

Mickie H. says: I had my first acupuncture done with Drew yesterday and I was very pleased. I have always had issues with sleeping and napping is just something I'm not able to do. I was actually able to doze off a couple of times 😊. I will definitely try this again. I was very relaxed and felt great afterwards.

Calm and healing 6/10/2015

Kelly C. says: Nancy is always careful, thoughtful, and intentional and helps you feel deeply seen and cared for... she offers a wonderfully healing presence.

Nancy and Drew are the Best! 5/29/2015

Julius J. says: I've been receiving treatment at 5 Points Acupuncture for over 7 months now and they have worked miracles for me! I've been dealing with severe eczema symptoms for over 2 years now, and I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. From treatments, to herbs, to oils, to dietary recommendations, these two have seen me through my darkest hours. I've been able to heal without the use of any prescription medications. Prior to acupuncture, prednisone (the devil's drug) was the only course of treatment to relieve the symptoms, but it did nothing to treat the root of the problem, not to mention the internal damage prednisone was causing. I was able to get off prednisone and learn how to heal naturally, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. The clinic is clean, calming and inviting, and I'd recommend either of these super healers without reservation. Acupuncture is by no means an overnight cure, but it's one of the best ways to heal the mind, body and soul in the long run. JJ

The best I've felt in a long time. 5/29/2015

Beth C. says: I had my first ever acupuncture session yesterday with Nancy and it was amazing. It greatly reduced my stress level and anxiety - I felt as if I'd had the most amazing yoga nidra and massage all rolled in to one. I would highly recommend it to everyone! I'm looking forward to my session next week! Community acupunture makes this wonderfully healing treatment available for everyone regardless of income. Drew was focused on my reasons for coming in and additional chinese herbs were also tailored mixed for my specific case. I felt well taken care of.      

A slice of heaven 5/19/2015

April S. says: Dana never disappoints! I always leave feeling happy, relaxed and rejuvenated. I would suggest anyone to go see Dana for an amazing massage!

It Works!! 5/5/2015

Dana B. says: I've been dealing with morning sickness for weeks and after acupuncture with Drew....it's gone!! Thank you so much!

Quality and Affordable Community Acupuncture 5/4/2015

Jessica C. says: Great to know that high quality acupuncture is available for all people through amazing community acupuncture set ups. Drew is great every time I come in.

First time... 4/25/2015

Cherisa B. says: First time to do acupuncture. It was more relaxing than I thought. Can't wait to see more results.

Only good things to say about Five Points. 4/10/2015

Betty L. says: I have been going to Nancy twice a month for over two years and have nothing but high praise for her as a professional and as a fine person. She is intelligent, perceptive and gentle as well as thoroughly competent. I started seeing her because I thought she could reduce the pain in my worn, arthritic knees (she does that) and realized after a while that she could help with a number of complaints. Acupuncture treats the body systems and their relationships as well as specific problems. If you haven't tried it, you should. If you've tried it but are not satisfied with the results, see Nancy Sencil at Five Points Acupuncture.

Acupuncture with Nancy 4/4/2015

Michelle P. says: Nancy is such a wonderful blessing to me. She has helped me so much the 2 times I have come to see her. She really listens, and addresses each issue thoroughly. I will continue treatments with Nancy and look forward to trying a massage soon. Thank you so much!

Relaxed & Relieved 3/10/2015

Al O. says: Range of motion better and felt relaxed after session. Thanks


Kelly M. says: Dana is my massage therapist and my friend. My monthly hour while she puts me "back in working order" is one of the best hours in my life. Thank you.

Thank you, Nancy 1/12/2015

Anne N. says: Hi, If you've never had acupuncture you must try it with Nancy, She is always in your corner and wanting you to feel your best. I've lost 26 lbs. since starting acupuncture. Nancy is kind, compassionate and an expert in her field. In addition, stress and anxiety flee when they see her coming! 

Attentive to every aspect of wellness 12/19/2014

Hilary S. says: With every treatment, a whole-body approach is used to address every inch of your body. Every treatment is also individualized and the staff are kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend acupuncture at 5 Points to anyone who is ready to experience a pain-free sense of well being.

Great Visit 10/31/2014

Daniel M. says: Drew did a wonderfully therapeutic work on my acupuncture. It was relaxing and very soothing to hear the music and smell the fragrance in the office. Thank you Drew. See you next week. Dan

First Visit To 5 Points Acupuncture 10/25/2014

Sheila R. says: This was my first visit to 5 Points Acupuncture. Nancy was very gentle, caring, pleasant, proficient and professional. I look forward to future visits.

Great for a first timer 10/19/2014

Jennifer P. says: Having never really had acupuncture before, I was a little bit nervous going in my first time. Now, I enjoy weekly treatments. Drew was very attentive, and entertained my endless questions without making me feel like a pest. The common room is very relaxing and the staff is always soothing to speak with. I recommend the herbal treatments too.

Very therapeutic 10/7/2014

Jessica L. says: Drew is a great acupuncturist. He addresses the reasons I come in and I always feel better after the treatment. I highly recommend that you come in for any reason… it will help.

Dana is amazing 10/3/2014

April S. says: I absolutely love coming to see Dana. Her massages are the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. She also gives you pointers on how to make your massages last longer. I recommend her to everyone.

Relaxed in Bogart 9/16/2014

Leslie L. says: Love 5 Points Dana gives the most relaxing massages and Nancy is a master with the needles for acupuncture.

Restore and Relax 9/15/2014

Bonne O. says: I've been coming to 5-Points Acupuncture since January. I always feel rejuvenated when I leave. Dana is a master at finding and soothing those points of tension in my body while Drew works on balancing and maintaining my chi. This is one activity that is beyond the category of indulgence, it's a health necessity.

The Best! 8/3/2014

Victoria F. says: I'm so glad I found 5 Points Acupuncture. The healers here have mastered their specialty and provide top-notch care. I always feel so balanced, calm, and nurtured after a session, whether I am getting acupuncture or massage!

Feel like a new woman! 6/24/2014

Jama S. says: I had sciatica pain so bad I could hardly walk. Drew treated me in the community room and the next day I was 90% better, 2 days later pain free. I'm so happy I found 5 Points Acupuncture!!!!

Peaceful Retreat 6/8/2014

Kathy L. says: I had acupuncture in the cool calm community room with Nancy. It was great! I have had treatments at two other places in town and this by far is the best set up. The ability to make my own appointments, the option of the community room to help keep costs down etc it is exactly what I had hoped to find. Nancy listened and heard me clearly, she is very competent and caring.

Absolutely Professional 4/18/2014

Donna M. says: This was the greatest experience. Private session. Very calming and have felt great. I highly recommend 5 Points!

Feels great! 4/2/2014

Kelly C. says: Dana is such a great massage therapist. She is strong and always knows just how to make me feel better. I carry a lot of tension in my back and shoulders and she consistently helps it release. I recommend her to all my friends!

Exactly what I needed 3/28/2014

Susan B. says: Nancy knew exactly where I needed needles to help me address my symptoms. I was putty after she put the first one in. Thank you, Nancy!

AMAZING 3/15/2014

Connie D. says: Drew is absolutely amazing. He helps everything from my sinuses, headaches, heartburn, elbow pain. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thank God I found him!!!!

Immediately relieved 2/28/2014

Caroline B. says: Drew treated me from a headache and within 15 minutes to 30 minutes I had immediate relief. I felt better the entire day and the next day. I would definitely recommend Drew for acupuncture. The office is new, clean, relaxing and affordable.

Miraculous! 1/31/14

Dana B. says: Our daughter had an infection on her right hand that a round of antibiotics did not cure, and actually caused other problems. We took her to see Nancy Sencil for a medical aromatherapy consultation. We watched her research my daughter's symptoms and make an organic medical grade essential oil blend for her. We noticed improvement within 24 hours. My daughter used the oil twice a day, (she even enjoyed the smell!) A week later the infection is almost completely gone, and she is out of pain. I am amazed and relieved at the power of medical grade essential oils, and very grateful for Nancy's expertise! Update: The infection was completely gone in less than 10 days.                                                              

Amazed Every Time 12/5/2013

Angie M. says: I am amazed how much better I feel every time I get acupuncture from either Nancy or Drew. I see Nancy for Chronic Fatigue. After 3 30minute visits I could tell a positive difference. My baseline energy has improved dramatically. I can truly say it has changed my life. I saw Drew for a stomach flu and literally forgot I was sick an hour after my treatment. So grateful to have them here in Athens.

Great Place 11/18/2013

KA S. says: I love it here! I get massage and acupuncture and it is wonderful.

Dynamic Duo: Acupuncture and Massage 10/31/2013

Bonnie K. says: Drew Barthlow helped me deal with a severely swollen, ant-bitten foot that did not respond to other treatments. After a few acupuncture treatments I was able to wear shoes again instead of the flip-flops that I had been in for many weeks. When I injured my knee earlier this year, acupuncture helped again with the swelling, pain and stiffness in fairly short order. Acupuncture feels so good that I schedule regular tuneup sessions at least once a month, along with a delicious massage from Dana Barthlow. Talk about having a blissful day! P.S. I am a sissy when it comes to needles and this is painless.

Thank you thank you thank you 10/20/2013

Julie W. says: Highly recommend for any ailment. Forget the scary needle phobia. They really feel like feather tickles and the process offers me instant relief. The best alternative to a normal doctor anyday in my opinion. I love these guys!!!

A much needed relief and stress reduction. 10/12/2013

Julie W. says: AAA+++ Highly recommend. Pain free still the next day!!!

Very professional 9/21/2013

Rachel W. says: I did the community session and the space was very nice, and I left feeling much better!

A peaceful healing place 9/13/2013

Pamela A. says: I have been to 5 Points for acupuncture, massage, and qigong and have never been disappointed. The competency and kindness of the staff is supportive and assuring. I highly recommend all their services!

Calming 8/10/2013

Tom W. says: I'm calmer and more centered after a treatment at 5 Points Acupuncture. I admire the knowledge and professionalism of the specialists there. TW

A place of calm 8/8/2013

Diane B. says: I always benefit from receiving acupuncture from Nancy Sencil at 5 Points Acupuncture. Her calm and peaceful presence is comforting and I can totally relax during the treatment....

5 points rocks! 9/2013

Kerri L. says: Fantastic healing center with an atmosphere that, of itself, is cleansing and very relaxing. I haven't been for a massage yet, but my friend who has says Dana is fantastic! Drew has a very exclusive, masters degree in Chinese Herbology, and he is a licensed and very competent Acupuncturist. I saw two traditional Chinese medicine doctors in Washington, DC years ago(one an herbal medicine specialist and the other an acunpuncturist and both old men from China who barely spoke English). Drew's acupuncture session with me was more powerful and relaxing than theirs, and his herbal prescription was basically the same, but much more affordable. I felt completly relaxed as soon as the tiny pins were in and the herbs cured my hot flashes and low-grade fever like a magic panacea. Very professional! 5 Points offers aromatherapy and was willing to work with me on the cost of their services. Super people with a true heart for healing! Can't say enough for this group of gifted healers.  

Jessica C. says: Drew treated me from a headache and within 15 minutes to 30 minutes I had immediate relief. I felt better the entire day and the next day. I would definitely recommend Drew for acupuncture. The office is new, clean, relaxing and affordable. 7/2013

Emily M. says: I first met Nancy Sencil in late 2010. A friend told me about community acupuncture and highly recommended Nancy. I originally started seeing Nancy in hopes of restoring the hearing in my left ear. I should mention most of the doctors and specialists I have seen agreed the hearing loss was likely due to an untreated sinus infection which left me with severe nerve damage in the left ear. Though my hearing has not yet been restored (I'm not giving up!), acupuncture has helped me greatly in dealing with sinus inflammation, migraine headaches, and just general happiness / well-being. My most recent session with Nancy was one of the most amazing I've had over the past 2 years. I went into the session nearly in tears from the headache pain I was experiencing. Nancy was able to target the exact area of pain, and I felt relief within minutes! By the time I left there, I had absolutely NO headache. Not only do I admire Nancy's skill and technique in acupuncture, but I also truly appreciate her caring and sincere interest in my well-being and treatment. You're in good hands from the moment you call to make an appointment (thanks, Holly!) to the moment you step out of the door after treatment.

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