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New Client G. says: My first visit with Nancy was amazing. She was so thorough in our consultation discussion - what a terrific listener! The environment is very relaxing and her style of interaction is very calming. Perhaps the biggest surprise was how peaceful I felt afterwards. This is coming from someone who has had a lot of massages over the years... but acupuncture truly had an even more dramatic effect. After the session, I made sure to really rest my body for the remainder of the day and the next morning I woke up after sleeping more soundly than ever before. Wonderful treatment and people - I will definitely go back soon!

Beverly S. says: This was my first ever acupuncture visit and I was thoroughly impressed with Nancy. She asked questions, welcomed questions, and explained everything completely. I was also impressed with the first time visit results on my neck and shoulder pain! I will definitely be back.

Chris T. says: I have been seeing Nancy for several months now and no matter what my problems are (lack of energy, back pain, bloated) a session with her always leaves me feeling better, lighter, more calm, and happier. She has this wonderful calming energy and presence about her, that Just talking to her puts me to ease. I highly recommend this place.

Kathy S. says: Nancy's kind and welcoming presence adds to the beneficial effects of the treatment. I walk out afterwards feeling lighter, peaceful, and happy. I can't wait till the next visit to this place of serenity.

Kelly C. says: Nancy is always careful, thoughtful, and intentional and helps you feel deeply seen and cared for... she offers a wonderfully healing presence.

Cherisa B. says: First time to do acupuncture. It was more relaxing than I thought. Can't wait to see more results.

Only good things to say about Five Points!
Betty L. says: I have been going to Nancy twice a month for over two years and have nothing but high praise for her as a professional and as a fine person. She is intelligent, perceptive and gentle as well as thoroughly competent. I started seeing her because I thought she could reduce the pain in my worn, arthritic knees (she does that) and realized after a while that she could help with a number of complaints. Acupuncture treats the body systems and their relationships as well as specific problems. If you haven't tried it, you should. If you've tried it but are not satisfied with the results, see Nancy Sencil at Five Points Acupuncture.

Michelle P. says: Nancy is such a wonderful blessing to me. She has helped me so much the 2 times I have come to see her. She really listens, and addresses each issue thoroughly. I will continue treatments with Nancy.  Thank you so much!

Al O. says: Range of motion better and felt relaxed after session. Thanks 

Thank you, Nancy
Anne N. says: Hi, If you've never had acupuncture you must try it with Nancy, She is always in your corner and wanting you to feel your best. I've lost 26 lbs. since starting acupuncture. Nancy is kind, compassionate and an expert in her field. In addition, stress and anxiety flee when they see her coming! 

Attentive to every aspect of wellness, Hilary S. says: With every treatment, a whole-body approach is used to address every inch of your body. Every treatment is also individualized and the staff are kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend acupuncture at 5 Points to anyone who is ready to experience a pain-free sense of well being.

Sheila R. says: This was my first visit to 5 Points Acupuncture. Nancy was very gentle, caring, pleasant, proficient and professional. I look forward to future visits.

Absolutely Professional: Donna M. says: This was the greatest experience. Private session. Very calming and have felt great. I highly recommend 5 Points!

Exactly what I needed: Susan B. says: Nancy knew exactly where I needed needles to help me address my symptoms. I was putty after she put the first one in. Thank you, Nan

A much needed relief and stress reduction: Julie W. says: AAA+++ Highly recommend. Pain free still the next day!!!

Calming: Tom W. says: I'm calmer and more centered after a treatment at 5 Points Acupuncture. I admire the knowledge and professionalism of the specialists there. TW

A place of calm: Diane B. says: I always benefit from receiving acupuncture from Nancy Sencil at 5 Points Acupuncture. Her calm and peaceful presence is comforting and I can totally relax during the treatment....



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