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Here at Acupuncture North Clinic we offer many services - let Dr Kuan Su take care of you with a personalized treatment plan.

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Our Services


Acupuncture is the insertion of filiform needles into tissue for therapeutic effect and is used to repair tissue, stimulate fascia, change blood flow, as well as affect the central nervous system. It has a rich history reaching back thousands of years as well as being heavily researched for its positive clinical effects.

Acupuncture is documented to treat various health conditions including pain management, reaction to stress, gastrointestinal tract disorders, insomnia, infertility and trauma.

Acupuncture is a key treatment therapy in the biopsychosocial approach towards affecting each person's recovery towards a better state of health.

Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

Infrared heat therapy uses invisible wave of light that penetrates 2-3 inches under the skin surface for therapeutic effect.

It promotes wide range of benefits in cells and tissues such as detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, skin rejuvenation, improved circulation, and boosting the immune system.

The light is placed on an affected area to encourage healing and improve blood flow.

Herbs & Lifestyle Counseling

Chinese herbal formulas have been in used for thousands of years to treat an array of pattern disorders that according to the NIH includes stroke, heart disease, mental disorders, respiratory disorders.

Specific formulations are used to treat conditions that are presented during an intake with a practitioner and specific instructions are given as to when they are to be taken.

Lifestyle recommendations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine are provided by Dr. Su to optimize recovery rates. These include adjustments in sleep schedules, change in activity levels, and TCM dietary recommendations to aid in providing the best resources to help in in the healing process.


Cupping is a type of therapy that creates vacuum pressure on an affected area of the skin. This has been heavily used throughout the history to treat pain, inflammation, increase blood flow and induce relaxation.

It can be used as a type of deep tissue massage, but unlike massage cupping decompressed the soft tissues.

The retention time is typically around 5 minutes but can change based on the desired effect of the practitioner, improving circulation and decreasing chronic and acute pain