Success Stories

Hear from some of our previous patients and their experiences

“So much freedom!”

I came to the clinic because I was having trouble with neuropathy. I woke up every night with pain in my legs and feet. It had gotten to the point where it was every single night.

When I got up in the morning to stand, I had to rub my legs and feet to get feeling in them or it would hurt just to stand. Since starting acupuncture, I sleep solid through the night. I wake up much more rested,

I have more energy, and it doesn’t hurt when I get up. It’s given me so much freedom, not to be in so much pain every day.

John R
5 stars
“These treatments work!”

I had been living with fibromyalgia for about 10 years. I was having muscle pain and nerve pain. I used to hurt every day of my life.

Every time I would move, I hurt. After a few months of treatment, I’m no longer on any medication.

My nerve pain is mostly gone. Now, I can rest and I have more energy to do the stuff I like to do because I’m not in constant pain. I take care of my yard, my car, and go to the beach. These treatments work!

Ronald T
5 stars
“I’m so grateful”

After my injury, the changes were pretty dramatic. I couldn’t stand in the kitchen. I couldn’t go for walks. I was having trouble going up and down stairs. I was walking with a limp.

Since starting treatments, I feel like my spine is balanced. I can stand in my kitchen. My swimming has improved. My walking has improved. I feel like every activity has gotten a facelift!

I’m so grateful and have been treated so well. It’s a supportive environment. I’m treated like a person with lots of compassion. I’ve gotten the care that helps me make progress.

Susan D
5 stars
“The spring is back in my step!”

Before I started treatment, I was having a lot of joint aches, pain, and stiffness. I would wake up in the morning feeling sore or have a hard time getting out of the car after a short drive.

I was walking so slow. I decided to try acupuncture because I thought, “I’ve got to be able to live better with less pain.”

After a series of treatments, I’ve had a lot of change. I can get up and go. When I go walking, the spring is back in my step!

Terry R
5 stars